Solidarity Delivery

Safety / Solidarity & Delivery

We are all stressed and sometimes exhausted. Times are crazy and there is not much long term planning at the moment. Two aspects are guiding our decisions

Provide a safe environment for Customers and Employees

• To protect the individual distance necessary the count of shoppers in the Store at a time is limited 20 shoppers,

• Shopping Carts and baskets are sanitized after every Customer. Only these carts and baskets shall be used.

• One employee will sanitize check out area all the time • The till in the Deli is closed

• Entrance and Exit doors are strictly separated. The back door is closed.

• We package all Deli items. It is available in the Deli Island

Help whenever help is needed

In our neighborhood some people are self-isolating or can’t go shopping. We decided to use all capacities remaining for support. The offer:

• Send us an e-mail with your shopping list (shopping(a)

• We try to match this list and do the shopping

• We call you after store hours for payment information.

• Somebody you trust picks it up or we deliver in the neighborhood of Fairfield/James Bay

We can do 5 out of the store shoppings per day this means 35 per week– not more. Please bundle your shopping and show solidarity. If you don’t need it somebody else needs it urgently. This is an action of solidarity not a delivery service.

If you wish to just peruse or do an online shop with us please visit https// for all details and information!