Mother Nature's Produce: Organic and Local - Makaria Farm


It was a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon in 2013. Heather and Brock McLeod were walking through Cook Street Village. Both are passionate organic farmers and owners of Makaria Farm in the Cowichan Valley. It was Brock who said: "Let's go into this store. It's a perfect fit to our organic approach." He was looking at Mother Nature's and it was the beginning of a committed cooperation.

Since then Heather has sent us an e-mail every Monday morning with what they will be 
harvesting in the upcoming week. Their produce is delivered immediately after harvest, twice a week. When the delivery arrives it goes right to the shelves. It doesn't get more "farm fresh" than this. Exceptional quality included: Do you remember the Kale last summer? You might not, we were sold out so quickly!

Brock and Heather's story fits perfectly with the Mother Nature's vision. In 2007 they left Victoria and their regular jobs behind and walked onto 10 acres of Cowichan Valley farm. They wanted to live their dream of sustainable, healthy farming. Now they do. These days, Brock and Heather are in the process of certifying another lease of 65 acres: More room for Makaria to expand and more opportunities for Mother Nature's to offer the best organic produce from the Island.

In April we enjoyed the opportunity to return Brock and Heather's visit from 2013. Visiting Makaria Farm was like a vacation for us - this place is an idyll. We saw beautiful carrots, kale, beets, cabbage and sweet strawberries, which will be coming right from the farm to your doorstep in Cook Street Village in the next weeks. Together with Brock and Heather, we've decided to offer produce from Makaria Farm on a farm stand all this month. Experience for yourself what local means - with fresh and delicious food grown on the Island.